Bird & Lime Scooters in Indianapolis, Fall 2018 Edition

Note: an update to this analysis was posted March 27, 2019 March 5, 2019 Update After publishing this, I was able to chat with Alison at Quartz (new newsletter out today) and talk through some of the methodological differences between what Nathan (Louisville) and I did. I wanted to update the post with some new … Continue reading Bird & Lime Scooters in Indianapolis, Fall 2018 Edition

Opioid Prescribing Rate Trends in Indiana, 2006-2016

The opioid epidemic regularly garners national headlines, and numerous new and ongoing efforts are attempting to curb the overprescription of opioids in this country. For example, here in Indiana, IU has already invested in 16 projects as a part of the Addictions Grand Challenge. The university-government partnership is currently preparing for the second phase of proposals proposing novel … Continue reading Opioid Prescribing Rate Trends in Indiana, 2006-2016

Short on Time

"I share enthusiasm for the emancipatory potential of technoscience to create new meanings and new worlds, while at the same time remaining highly critical. And this involves redefining genuine inventiveness as not just about speed and novelty, but about challenging the assumptions that permeate our scientific discourse. To put it simply, it means thinking about social problems first, and then thinking of technical solutions, rather than the other way around. For example, crunching big data and then looking for applications for it, as if crunching big data isn't a political act in itself. But we can't do this while the people who design our technology and design what's made are so unrepresentative of society."